Our Race

Our Race

As I look at the picture above I rejoice in the family God has given me. My precious family, the treasure that God has placed in my hands to guide and disciple. Please keep them in your prayers as they grow. Tanya in now 16 and starting to think about college. She has many choices to make in the next year or two. We are hoping to get her started with classes over the internet and at least let her get some basics finished. Christy is 13 and loves life. She has a servants heart and can be counted on to help whether it is with cookies or cleaning. Josh (9) is starting his personal race. He loves action, mechanics, building, and good stories. Pray that we can guide him into meaningful service for the Lord and that we can help all of them grow in the Lord.

(The new background and Title is courtesy of Tanya and her new computer. :) )

Saturday, December 6, 2008

First Attempt

Sometimes it is easy to forget where you are. Here in Africa if you can't do something you just call for some friends and get some help. It is not unusual to see ten to one hundred people working together to stand a large tower up, or to pull several miles of cable. There is strength in numbers.

Unfortunately, there are several laws of physics that always apply. When you put a heavy weight on a long pole, add to that a high roof and poor footings, and the result is that we found that even with all our help, it just wasn't possible to stand this new wind turbine up.

This turbine is an ARI 750 watt wind turbine. That means we should see from 15 to 25 Amps out of it on a regular basis. This is over 3 times what I was seeing on the older, smaller wind turbine. We are looking forward to the added power as we are still having to run a small generator daily to do the work we would like to do. We are hoping that with this turbine and a tilting solar rack to reach the point that our electricity is self sustaining. This was attempt one somewhere in the middle of Nov. 2008.

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