Our Race

Our Race

As I look at the picture above I rejoice in the family God has given me. My precious family, the treasure that God has placed in my hands to guide and disciple. Please keep them in your prayers as they grow. Tanya in now 16 and starting to think about college. She has many choices to make in the next year or two. We are hoping to get her started with classes over the internet and at least let her get some basics finished. Christy is 13 and loves life. She has a servants heart and can be counted on to help whether it is with cookies or cleaning. Josh (9) is starting his personal race. He loves action, mechanics, building, and good stories. Pray that we can guide him into meaningful service for the Lord and that we can help all of them grow in the Lord.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rain in the Mara

I don't have much time as the internet goes down every time it rains, and the clouds are here and the rain is coming. Here are a couple of pictures to look at. The first set is a before and after picture. The mornings are foggy which is very unusual. The school is only 400 to 500 yards away.

This is a rainbow over Shayne's new house. The evening are pretty as the storms come. We also have enjoyed the water. The ground is green again. I talked to one of the Maasai yesterday and he told me "This is the month to sleep now. There is plenty of grass." Before the rains they were hiking 2 - 3 hours to find grass. Now they let the cows outside the boma and go back to sleep. :)

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Kayla said...

That is a beautiful rainbow. God can use the strangest but most beautiful ways to show His everlasting promise.

Please pray for us. Us includes the Jacksons, the Baileys, and the Cogans. Please pray for wisdom and discernment with some issues. If you don't mind, share this with the Sawyers too. Some things have come up, but I don't know how much I am supposed to tell. I will get back to you when I find out, because it is serious.

Also, Mr. Jon- My dad would like to know if you would speak at our school for our Tuesday chapel, when you got home. I am now going to a Christian school and my dad teaches there. Just share about your field of the ministry? We would all love it!

Thanks so much!